Wicker Baskets Merchandise Products Effectively

Wicker baskets offer many options for storing, presenting, and promoting food products or other merchandising items. You can use baskets, trays, or racks as display fixtures and decorative bins for all types of retail establishments, such as grocery stores, retail stores, bakeries, hotels, and other hospitality venues. 

There are many types of good quality decorative storage baskets available to store or present food products and merchandise. These traditional products are made from natural willow wicker and can be displayed in trays, baskets, or tiered basket sets.

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You can also use metal support frames to display your baskets on countertop or floor stands. 

Wicker baskets can be made from natural or synthetic willow. Each basket made from natural willow is handmade by artisans. Because of their natural appearance, the willow fibers are warm and add warmth to interior displays. 

Although these baskets can be stretched naturally, they can also splinter or break under extreme strain. However, wicker baskets made from polypropylene can be machine-made and each basket is identical to the one before it. The color of the polypropylene plastic fibers matches that of real wicker. 

Each basket has its own features. For example, round storage baskets that have handles or raised borders can be used to display trays and trays. The tray can be used to display fresh-baked rolls or bagels in a bakery. While the 2-handled baskets can be used for baguettes, wrapping papers, and other merchandise, they are ideal for storage. 

Wicker baskets can be used to display food service items, as they have braided edges that are reinforced. Polypropylene and wicker baskets can be used for almost any display purpose, including condiment trays or gift baskets.