What Does Independent Living Actually Mean?

Most people enjoy living independently. This doesn't necessarily mean living alone, but it really just means taking care of yourself and your life. For disabled people, independent living is more than just a slogan. 

It is a philosophy that disabled people have taken seriously and embraced. Learn more about independent living through OnTrack Tasmania.

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This is because it can restore a feeling of self-worth and confidence. It also shows a real amount of self-determination, because it can be both scary and cumbersome.

As for people with disabilities, the philosophy of independent living is based on the idea that people with disabilities have the best idea of exactly what their needs are. This means that they hold the keys to their own happiness and must take the initiative to improve their life. 

In no way does this mean that they are avoiding outside help or assistance, or even that they do not need it, but rather that they want to have the same opportunities as other people without disabilities. However, it implies a return of control to your life. This philosophy breaks with the traditional response to people with disabilities, which for the most part involved institutionalizing them.

For the disabled, there are several barriers to living independently. The most obvious of the barriers is, of course, physics. This involves things like not being able to move freely, shower, and go to the supermarket. 

These may seem like simple tasks, but if you are disabled, they can be very difficult. Another barrier is the assumptions that people without disabilities impose on people with disabilities. 

Our world has progressed enormously, yet many people still view the disabled as unable to care for themselves. However, this is neither fair nor morally correct, because everyone should have the right to determine their daily choices.