What Are The Golden Rules Of Property Investing

When our economy is growing and the cycle of the property begins, there will be profits made by several investment companies.

A professional real estate investment adviser will be focused on your lifestyle and financial goals, with a long-term view. You can also consult a property investment advisor via panvest.com.au/services/property-investment-advice/.

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If history repeats itself and property investors aren't able to attain the financial independence they're entitled to and so here are the tried and true best practices for property investing to give you a plan to guide you through the next property boom.

1. It's about the property

During the boom, many investors forgot the age-old property fundamentals of buying the best property they could afford in a proven location. Instead, they got sidetracked by glamorous finance or tax strategies; and some lost out.

3. Property is a high growth low yield investment

While the argument about capital growth or cash flow will rage forever, there is no doubt in my mind that the only way to get true riches from real estate is through capital growth. 

The major factor affecting capital growth in property values is the relationship between supply and demand.

3. Buy Property that is in continuous strong demand

Not all properties in a given suburb will make a good investment or have similar capital growth. Even if you never intend to sell it, for your property to appreciate strongly it will need to appeal to a wide range of owner-occupiers who make up the vast majority of buyers.