What Are Adjustable Dumbbells?

Adjustable dumbbell sets are simply the most convenient, space-saving alternative to the traditional single-bell dumbbell sets you would find at the local gym. There's no longer any need to balance a heavy weight on your chest with the awkward, slouching position that is required when using a standard weight set. In addition, adjustable dumbbells allow you to keep the same weight in position irrespective of whether you're sitting, standing or exercising on a bench. In addition, these multi-size sets have gone through major improvements over the years and are now better than the old bulky weight sets of the past. The following paragraphs will describe the most common adjustable dumbbell exercises and give you an idea about how much use you should get out of them.

Dumbbell workouts can be broken down into two major groups: free and dumbbell weight/resistance training. For the majority of people, free weights are an easy way to add variety and develop strength without the complication of single-piece adjustable dumbbells. Dumbbell workouts for the most part involve a wide range of weights, usually ranging from two pounds up to five pounds. Some people work with two or three pounds of free weights and use a variety of leg raises, knee bends, chin ups and stretches to increase their overall size. Multi-gym sets may include barbell, incline bench, cable flyes, and other exercises that isolate specific muscles.

To perform a basic, traditional weight set, you would use a pair of adjustable dumbbells that offer a range of settings. Setting one dumbbell level against the floor and adjusting the weights so that it lies across the floor between you and the bench target the desired muscle group. The reason for this is that you do not want to over-possess the muscles in your chest or back. For the most effective workout, you should not try to do more than fifty pounds per exercise, as this will cause injury if done improperly. Beginner weight sets may include twenty, thirty or even fifty pounds of weight.

Beginners usually start out with adjustable dumbbells in sets of ten pounds. They will often adjust these weights for each workout session until they feel stronger. You can also use the discs to help balance and center your body when working on upper body exercises. Dumbbells can be used to perform push-ups and pull-ups. Squats and leg presses can also be assisted by using a pair of adjustable dumbbells. You can perform chin ups and other activities while maintaining proper form by using the handles of the bars.

In order to safely adjust the weight of your dumbbells, you must engage in a two-way adjustment mechanism. An automatic handle will usually work, but will only lock in place after a preset number of pounds have been reached. Manual adjustment mechanisms will engage when the weight reaches the preset number of pounds. Most people prefer the one-way adjustment mechanism. This enables the user to decrease or increase the load without engaging the two-way lock.

Dumbbell sets are very helpful in creating a home gym equipment collection. You can add additional weights to a pair or add multiple handles for a more versatile set of weights. There are many affordable adjustable dumbbells available for purchase today. In addition to gym equipment at the gym, many people are now adding adjustable dumbbells to their home fitness equipment collection.

Mark bixby adjustable dumbbells come in several configurations including three sets of eight pounds or four sets of sixteen pounds. The four pound sets are great for strength training, while the eight-pound set is ideal for cardio training. The sixteen-pound mark is perfect for both building muscle and losing body fat. Each bicep handle corresponds to a specific weight range.

The majority of adjustable dumbbells come with a range of standard weights as well as a few special weight plates suitable for dumbbell training. The standard weights can be used for both free weight training and compound exercises. The weight plates can be selected from a wide variety of weight configurations. A few popular weight plates include: yellow/green, black/blue, gold/red, diamond/white and purple/black. Some of the training weight plates are: five pounds, ten pounds, fifteen pounds, all ten and fifteen pound configurations are standard.