Various Types of Steel Structures

Mild steel is used in many modern steel construction projects. Mild steel is extremely strong and can withstand high loads. It also has the flexibility to bend without cracking or damage. These are just a few materials that can be used to build a building's frame.

Bolted steel

Bolted steel construction is simple and efficient. This allows for quick work at the site. Pre-engineered buildings are one of the most important uses of bolted steel. This type of structure can be fully managed by one company that can handle all aspects of design, fabrication, shipping, and erecting. You can find out more about pre-engineered steel components via

Light Gauge

Light gauge steel is a good choice for small residential buildings in North America and Europe. The basic construction method is similar to the use of wooden two-by-fours as a frame. However, the light gauge steel is a direct replacement. This steel is pre-bent to meet the project's needs and has a thickness of around 1 to 3mm. 


The workshop will cut the steel pieces to the required length. This is the traditional type of steel fabrication. The individual pieces of steel are then welded together to form the framework. To speed up the process of erection, some parts can be joined in the workshop. You can also choose to purchase pre-made parts such as angles, C, and I sections. 

Steel structures can be useful in many situations but they're not recommended in humid or marine environments due to the possibility of corrosion.