Tips for Choosing a Dog Leash for Big Dogs

Whether you are a professional or a casual dog owner, there are plenty of things to consider when choosing your dog leash. You'll want to look at the strength of the leash and how easily it can be adjusted to fit your needs. And check out these helpful tips to get you started!

Dog Leash: What Should You Look For?

A dog leash is a great way to keep your dog on your side and under control while you're out in public. But a poorly designed dog leash can turn your walk into an uncomfortable experience. So what should you look for? 

When choosing the perfect dog leash don't get too caught up in the latest style trends or gimmicky features; it's all about safety no matter what kind of leash you end up with. Here are the six most important safety features to look for in a dog leash:

#1: A safety-lock leash doesn't just make your dog safe, it also makes you feel more secure. A well-designed safety latch will work automatically once it's on and will never come undone when your pooch pulls or runs. Dr. suggests looking for a three-point hardware system (when your dog's collar is joined by a leash and a wrist strap), which is much more secure than two-point hardware.

#2: Look for an adjustable length leash that can fit your dog's neck size snugly while still being comfortably loose enough that they can move around freely. This ensures that no matter where they go, the leash will always be at a comfortable length.

#3: Even better is a retractable dog leash that allows you to move around with your pet without having to worry about them getting tangled up in the long cable.

#4: A retractable leash is also great for keeping your canine on hand if you're going on a walk or are exercising. They can easily be tucked away under your arm so there's no chance of them getting entangled in anything during exercise. Should your dog get loose, you can always swiftly retract the leash to reel them back in.