The Fundamentals Of Laser Hair Removal Medical Spa

Laser hair removal has become a well-known procedure in which the hair is completely removed or reduced by a “laser”. This method has been experimental for the last 20 years but has been commercially available since the mid-1990s. This process uses an intense pulsed light epilator. They are not technically lasers. They are xenon headlights that emit the full spectrum of light.

All light and laser-based reduction or removal methods sometimes referred to as photo epilation or phototricholysis, are commonly referred to as “laser hair removal”. This method is gaining popularity and its effectiveness is widely recognized in the field of dermatology. Also, visit for the best laser hair removal med spa.

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The laser hair removal process can be explained by the idea of ​​selective photo thermolysis. Lasers damage hair follicles by specifically heating the dark matter in the hair follicles without heating the rest of the skin.

Commercially available laser hair removal is offered by. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is believed to have approved this laser for permanent hair reduction, not removal. This is the only approved method for permanent hair removal.

The effectiveness of the laser hair removal procedure depends on the type of laser used and the experience of the person treating the case. You can even search online for more information about laser hair removal med spas.