The Concepts and the Beliefs of Modern Art

Art is a human creative skill, which is demonstrated through imaginative designs, sounds, or ideas. Art and artistic skills have been integral to our Histories.

Events, life styles, and the other prevalent things, were all depicted through the various art forms of those times. Art has been evolving with thoughts, ideas, events, times, and technological developments, and is the father of today's Graphical Illusions.

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The Ancient History of Art dates back to as many as 2 million years ago, to the Stone Age. The first Stone Tools used to create impressions, can be said to be the initial ideas of Art. Ancient Art is actually a symbolic representation of information about the life styles and the representation of facts by the people of those times, who framed a strong ground for Art.

Since then, Art has been transforming to accommodate the changes and the improvements of every era to suit connoisseurs' tastes and ideas.

History of Art. Prior to taking up the Modern Art Concepts, lets take a look at the different art ages:

o Pre Historic Art / Paleolithic (2million years ago – 13000B.C)

o Ancient Art (from 3000 B.C – 331 B.C)

o Medieval to Early Renaissance Art (373 B.C – 1453 A.D)

o Renaissance to Early Modern Art (1453 – 1800 A.D)

o Pre Modern Art (1800 – 1880 A.D)

o Modern Art (1880 – 1945 A.D)

o Contemporary Art (1945 – Present age)