Selecting The Right Filter Press Manufacturers

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When working with specialized solutions, companies often must figure out how to separate a solid from a liquid. When the time comes, you'll need a filter press. On the other hand, choosing the right filter press manufacturers to buy can be difficult.

Customers must determine exactly what they need before making a decision. There are two types of machines to choose from, each serving a slightly different function.

They can be either automatic or manual, the difference being that one is automatic and the other is operated manually. You can also purchase a trimming press machine through online sources.

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Plate and frame machine

A membrane filter plate is also known as a plate and frame machine. It is in turn composed of a plate and a frame. A centrifuge pump retains solids during the process, preventing settling. As the liquid passes through the machine, solids are deposited on the cloth spread over the frame separating the chambers.

Recessed Plate Machine

The blank plate machine removes particles from the liquid in a similar way. The plates of this system are two to four feet across and have a concave depression in the middle, hence the name.

The solution is forced through the orifice, which is covered with a cloth. The liquid passes and the solids remain, forming the cake as before. On the other hand, the cake cannot be eaten in this version.