Paracord Thin Blue Line Survival Bracelet

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This guide will help you produce any typical cobra paracord survival necklace. You can win a one-color, two-tone, or what's called "elite" style survival bracelet. There are many videos and guides online to create these bracelets. When deciding to make a necklace, you need to decide how you would like it to adhere to or close to the bracelet. There are many approaches along with the pros and cons of each. You can also get perfect and adjustable shackle via

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Shackle – This is additional hardware that must be purchased, usually online to purchase the small size.

All you could want is a regular black paracord, a more powerful type 550 paracord. You will also need about 6-8 inches of blue paracord. I guess now you've done your research and understand how to win a typical cobra weave bracelet.

Measure two – singe both ends of this blue wire that you will use. Try to make them horizontal. I use tweezers to guarantee this. Now tuck 1 end of this blue string under some of the best cobra stitches you have ever made and then tighten the stitch.

Now, you must have an amazing-looking bracelet that not only looks classy but can help you in a crisis when using the paracord. The advantage of this specific version is that it shows the service to law enforcement officers as well as the difficult tasks they perform daily.