Lawn Care – Early Spring

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After a difficult winter the effects of the weather will have taken their toll on most garden lawns. The weight of the snow and the very heavy rainfall will have helped compact many lawns, making them slow to drain and leaving the grass roots prone to rotting and water damage. You can also buy the best lawn edging products for your beautiful garden.

You can aerate a compacted lawn in spring, you may need to wait until March or April if the weather is still bad, but don't leave it too late.

Aeration helps to open up the structure of the soil and improves the drainage around the grass roots to encourage healthy growth. Use a hollow tine aerator to remove plugs of soil and fill the holes with a good lawn dressing.

When the lawn looks good it transforms the whole garden. Treat it to some tender loving care as soon as possible to help rejuvenate the grass plants that make up the lawn and help them to perform to their full potential.

As the weather warms up your lawn will start to grow more rapidly. Don't be tempted to cut it if the soil is very wet or there is frost or snow on the ground.

Once it gets to the stage where you need to cut it, it is essential to be gentle, especially with the first few cuts of the season. Simply trim off the top third of growth, with the mower blades adjusted to their highest setting.

If the grass is young or very long then use a hover or wheeled rotary mower for the first few cuts to avoid flattening the lawn and ripping out young grass plants.

Always allow the lawn to recover for a few days or up to a week and then cut it again if it is still growing, with the mower blades on a slightly lower setting.

At this time of year the lawn may only need cutting about once or twice a fortnight. Do not cut it too short and do not cut it the lawn if it is not growing, i.e. when the weather is cold.