Gemstones To Increase The Beauty Of The Beholders

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Gemstones or precious stones are pieces of mineral crystals that may be cut, polished, and formed to beautifully reflect their inherent color and light to the beholder. These crystals act as centerpieces or adornments for jewelry or other decorative items, like watches or showpieces.

Particular stones like lapis lazuli, or organic products such as pearl and amber are also considered gemstones. You can purchase gemstones like green gemstones via

Out of over 130 different kinds of precious stones available in the world, the present origins of few popular kinds are discussed below for reference.


Opals are found commonly all around the world but all aren't in the precious stone class. The stones of high quality and beauty are found in the Australian Outback gem mines. These mines account for over 90 percent of the planet's total precious, jewelry-grade gems. Some opal mines of Ethiopia also have started production of high-quality white opals, popularly called Welo opals.


The Burmese (now Myanmar) Ruby has been greatly prized around the world because of its rarity and demand because of the special intrinsic qualities. The"pigeon-blood" Burmese gems are remarkable of the unique and most sought-after diamonds in the world.

These rubies reflect light and exhibit a dazzling kaleidoscope under ultraviolet or sunray. Myanmar still has a substantial variety of ruby mines, but the overall quality has come down in the last yields.


The highest quality and the most beautiful-looking blue sapphires came from the mines in the Kashmir area of India before. These"cornflower blue" gemstones now occupy areas of pride in the jewelry collections of the connoisseurs and museums.

Thus, by understanding the most popular diamonds you can decide easily which you can purchase for your special day.