Three Keys To Know A Quality Foam Cooler From a Cheap Foam Cooler

Posted on August 14, 2021Categories Business and ManagementTags ,

The quivering fear of packing up a newly purchased foam cooler with ice, drink, and food is familiar to many of us and has obvious reasons. Most of us have seen or witnessed a foam cooler debacle where a fully loaded foam cooler — bought cheaply at the grocery store or as a cheap piece from a department store — just got up and decided to break down and spill everything inside. everywhere on earth. It is so common that it has earned a rather negative reputation over the years.

The fact is, these cooler breakdowns are completely unnecessary and the consumer can quickly do something about it by including these three most important standards in your purchasing decision when buying a foam cooler for the beach, picnic, fishing. You can also buy services of special foam coolers in Hawaii via searching over the web.

Starex EPS Foam

The cheapest expanded polystyrene (eps) coolers are actually more expensive than they look, considering how easily they break and need replacing. Of course, the cost of recycled gasoline comes into play and the time it takes to cool off after a cooler breakdown (ham sandwiches taste awful with beach sand – even with mustard poured on top). If you buy quality instead, you will spend a few extra pennies or dollars, but you don't have to worry if the cooler gets damaged, the item is reusable, can be used for other purposes, and ultimately saves money because you don't have to buy anything else.

The foam cooler should not sweat or leak, nor should it break easily if scratched. The surface should look semi-smooth with no large punctures (a deep hole in the surface indicates a lower mill print). Run your fingernail over it and see if the little EPS foam beads fall off.