Effective Email Software Setup That Enhances Client Engagement

Posted on September 7, 2021Categories Technology and GadgetsTags ,

First, you need to know some information for email software (also known as an email client) to be set up. Only your email hosting company or your Internet Service Provider can give you the actual settings.

You will need to know your SMTP server, POP3 server (or IMAP) ports, and your username and password for your email. You can get detailed information about mail management software from https://www.knowledgemill.com/mail-manager/.

It is important to determine whether or not your server requires Secure (SSL), authentication (login). Each email client uses a different location for configuring the email server. It is easy to find. Take a look at the help files for your software.

What does "POP Server" mean? POP (Post Office Protocol), is a way to retrieve email from an email server (known by the POP server). Emails are held in queues before being retrieved. It is an electronic mailbox that allows your computer to know where to deliver mail. Also known as your POP server, your incoming mail server can also be referred to.

Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird are two examples of email programs that use a POP server technology. Outlook Express is included with all Windows-based computers. MacMail is available for free with Macintosh computers. Your provider will specify the POP server where you will configure MacMail to check your email. It will usually look like "mail.my domain.tld".