Caring For Your Dentures

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Not everyone's teeth are perfect. This is totally understandable. As a person goes through life, he or she may experience a certain chain of events that lead to deterioration in the natural teeth. Or in some other cases, accidents involving severe sudden impacts may result in the need for the dental prosthesis to replace the unusable natural teeth.

Dentures are a device that has been around for a while now, designed to improve the lives of those unfortunate enough to lose their own teeth.

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Restorative Care vs Dentures Impact of Dentures on Health

The two major situations that dentures can help with are eating and social interaction. In the former, denture users can chew allowing them to enjoy solid food. As for the latter, denture users can smile widely with a complete set of teeth as supposed to facing the embarrassment of exposing their toothless gums to people.

The major disadvantage with ordinary dentures is their lack of fit on the gum. During use, they are simply placed directly onto the gums of the user. For the upper jaw, this is less of an issue, but for the lower jaw, the general consensus is that the dentures tend to move.

The consequence of this is a certain level of discomfort whilst chewing – there is friction between the dentures and the gums. Also, there is a chance of them popping out if the user laughs too hard, which can be a very awkward situation.