Sliding Door Wardrobes- How To Makeover Your Bedroom Today?

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If you want to add a storage room in your room or room in your home, consider a wardrobe. They come in various styles and finishes that will match any room decoration. In addition, they are also a cheap choice if you consider renovating ideas that match your budget. After you install the wardrobe, make sure you do some system inventory seasonally or at least twice a year to take unnecessary items to broaden your space that can be used. 

Venice's chest with two cabinet doors of pieces: This traditional style armoire is made of birch, poplar, and wood. It features a shelf painted with hands and drawers and top caps. Optional features are clothing stems, rotary, and mirror. Adjustable shelves and legs are in cabriole style. 

Finish option painted, depressed, pickled, antique, and protective. It is also available in black, blue, brown, beige, gold, and more. The dimensions are 45 inches with a 26-inch diameter with an altitude of 82 inches.

Stylform ATLAS - 150-300cm

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Cabinet storage system: This wardrobe unit is ideal for use in your bedroom or room in your modern home. The drawer panel lifted cherries are a perfect couple for custom doors with polished brass to provide your clothes at elegant prices. 

Wardrobe-free standing Monterey – white: This area has two doors that hide cabinets with adjustable shelves and hanging stems. They are a good substitute for traditional wardrobes, entertainment centers, and storage cabinets. 

The Armoire features profiled top, curved plate kick, side mold, all-metal roller to slide drawers, built-in safety stops, clean white ad drawers that are finished with tin. Armoire came fully gathered so it was ready to be installed. The dimensions are 31.5 inches wide with a height of 58.75 inches with a depth of 22 inches.