Rules for Recreational Drone Pilots

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Owning a drone makes you feel happy and exciting. Having a drone is a great opportunity to create stories and showcase them to the world. In the early days, this wasn’t possible since drones were only used in military service. However, times have changed where drones are now available for commercial uses and pilots. If you do own a drone and fly once or twice a month, you should follow these rules.

  1. Avoid Flying Beyond the Maximum Altitude – The maximum altitude of flying your drone according to the aviation authorities is about 400feet. This is the attitude that has been set in the majority of countries. Therefore, it is vital that you do not fly beyond 400feet altitude.
  2. Fly at Line of Sight – Make sure you are flying your drone at the line of sight. Flying your drone in a line of sight is important since you don’t want to lose it. After all, a drone isn’t that cheap at the time of investment.
  3. Fly Further Away from People – If you’ve reached an amazing location, tourists and locals and bound to be present. If you wish to fly your drone, then make sure you fly your drone away from the crowd to avoid accidents.
  4. Do not Fly your Drone at Night – During the day, your drone can capture a GPS signal that helps in staying stable. At night, the drone loses the ability to have a GPS signal which makes the drone unstable and difficult to fly and control.

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