Porcelain Kitchen Countertops – Listing the Pros

Here we take a look at porcelain countertops and their pros. The popularity of porcelain kitchen countertops has increased in recent years and is more than just a passing trend. The inclusion of this elegant and flexible ceramic tile material will enhance the interior design of your kitchen.

Attractive, strong, easy to maintain, and durable, porcelain tiles are relatively inexpensive than quartz and marble. Choosing porcelain countertops is the smart choice and the most cost-effective way to upgrade your kitchen. You can visit https://thegranitewarehouse.com/product-category/porcelain/ to buy a porcelain countertop slab for your kitchen.

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Heat Resistant

Subject to extremely high temperatures during production and manufacture, porcelain countertops can withstand the heat that comes from hot pots and pans placed directly on the porcelain countertop.

Stain and Scratch Resistant

Because porcelain is non-porous, it does not absorb liquids and is resistant to most chemicals and acidic foods and drinks. Porcelain is also scratch-resistant due to its strong granite and quartz structure. 

UV Resistance

Porcelain is a good choice for outdoor tables because it is also resistant to sunlight.

Hardness and Durability

Porcelain is 30% stronger than the hardiest granite and extremely durable. It can stand up to most impacts and extensive use making it possible to slice and dice food on its surface without having to worry about knives damaging the countertop. The porcelain countertop is also highly resistant to abrasion and fire.