Online Data Backup Services in Vancouver – Reasons Why Businesses Are Turning Towards Them

There are unlimited benefits of online backup services. This service is not restricted to any time limit and is available round-the-clock. Depending upon the comfort, anybody can take a backup of data anytime. There are many companies such as Core Information Technologies ltd that provides data backup and recovery solutions you need at affordable charges, ensuring business continuity and giving you peace of mind.

data backup and recovery service.

Following are the reasons why businesses are turning towards online backup services in Vancouver:

  • Cost

When people compare the cost of backup solutions they often make the mistake of just looking at the monthly fees involved with data backup services. There is often a failure to understand the accumulation of costs related to tape backup of which there are many hidden costs that aren't usually considered. There are the hardware costs, cost of tapes, storage costs, labour costs and the associated costs of only a 50% restore success rate.

  • Focus

If your business is in accounts; or architecture; or dentistry; or consulting; or plumbing; or retail; or manufacturing; or financial markets, you should really be focusing on what you do best. If it is to be done reliably, backup needs management and resources. Data backup service helps companies move attention away from data backup and to start focusing on their core competencies. And if they operate in a competitive market – they're going to have to focus.

  • Reliability

There is no denying it -online data backup is more reliable than tape backup. Depending on what report you read, the average success rate of a data restore from tape is around 50%. It doesn't make sense to invest so much time and money in something that isn't 100% guaranteed to work. Consequently, many customers of online backup sign up on the back of tape related data loss.

An online data backup and disaster recovery service allows people to forget their worries about data integrity. It gives them the confidence of knowing that their data is being backed up reliably – monitored and managed by people who specialise in what they do.