Know More About Boutique Hotels

While the towering 5-star hotel properties are still very much in style, other types of hotels have recently gained popularity. This is because they offer unique experiences along with a relatively cheap price tag. Among these types of hotels are boutique hotels-smaller, quirkier establishments that provide the same functions, but with a wider range of personality and a healthy reputation when it comes to personalized service. You can check out more about boutique hotel at

It is possible to think the boutique hotel is smaller hotels that have different styles. However, they're more than being that. What are the distinct features of these hotels? One of the major differences between them and traditional hotels is the structure.

The principle concept of boutique hotels is to create the feeling of intimacy. In this sense the architectural and structural design of the hotel must be in keeping with this idea. In addition, hotels are likely to have distinctive design elements that allow it to different from its competition. This distinctive feature can also contribute to the theme of the establishment, further helping it attract a particular niche of frequent customers.

The basic structure, a bit in the form of an unwritten law, and a casual convention can be that boutiques should not have more than 150 rooms. Of course, many boutique hotels don't have to adhere to a certain set of rules in the definition of what boutique hotels are.