Increase Sales Dramatically With eLearning

When most people thing of e-Learning, or any kind of training for that matter, they typically think of training their own staff or their own customers. This is because the training duties in an organization usually fall upon the HR or Training Manager. An area often overlooked for training is with your prospects.

Prospects are people you should impress with your expertise and knowledge. You want to offer them a comfort level and prove that you know your field of expertise. What better way than to be their teacher for a little bit?! Elearning is ideal for this since so many prospects come to learn about you at your web site, and hence, are already online.

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E-learning is the ideal vehicle for many reasons. First of all, many customers and prospects these days are faced with travel restrictions. Add to that, their requirement to be more efficient with their time, and, at the same time, make sure they keep their sales staff's product knowledge up to date.

Here's a solution: Let's say you sell medical equipment. Imagine the perfect prospect. They need to purchase medical equipment like yours and they set out to find someone they trust with their purchase. They will do what most of us do; search the Internet. Bingo. You are lucky and the link to your web site popped up. But what's on your site that makes you different than the other sites they may have clicked on? What makes them want to invest in you?

People buy from people they trust and from people they believe know their subject matter. To put yourself in a competitive position, you want to be thought of as a good resource for your clients.

The prospect will be delighted to find a link on your web site that says, "Click hear to learn how quality medical equipment reduces your costs and increases your profits." Think they will click? If they are serious buyers, they will. The prospect clicks the link, which takes them to a registration page, where you get to capture as much information about them as you need. After they complete the registration, it is time to impress them (and win them over!) with some of your knowledge.