How To Maintain & Clean A Commercial Refrigerator

As a commercial refrigerator owner, you need to ensure that your system is kept clean. Keeping your refrigerator components clean can increase the life of the entire system. You can also visit to hire a commercial refrigeration cleaning service.

If you don't want to clean your system yourself, you can always contact trained technicians to clean it every month. While you don't need to clean all the components that often, some do.

You need to clean the following components:

Interior of Commercial Refrigerator

The interior is the most manageable component of cleaning, so let's start there. It is important NOT to use steel wool, bleach, or other harsh chemicals when cleaning the inside of your commercial refrigerator. They can damage the inside of your refrigerator or leave a pungent odor that can linger in the food stored there. You can easily clean the inside of the refrigerator with mild soap and warm water.

Fan blades and motor

To clean the blades and fan motor of your commercial refrigerator, all you have to do is run them with a soft cloth. And if your fan blades really need a thorough cleaning, cover the motor with a dry cloth to prevent water damage.

Refrigerator Doors

Once a week you should remove the door seal and soak in soapy water for about half an hour. When reinstalling, make sure the door seal is completely dry and properly sealed. You should also take the shelves out of the fridge and clean them once a week.