Grand Theft Auto For PC

If you are a PC gamer who has spent the past 18 months waiting and watching friends play on their consoles, it is now over.

Rockstar has created an open-world experience unlike any other. Rockstar has created a world that is truly alive and captures the perversions of the American Dream that have been glorified in popular media.

Each protagonist has their own story, style and theme. The story of Michael, a criminal who made enough money to pay out, and the depression that followed, is Michael's. Franklin's tale of ambition will lead him to Michael's fate. Trevor's madness and crazed destructiveness are Trevor's stories.

These are not new features for consoles, so what makes GTA 5 PC different? GTA 5 PC  features the updated lighting model, post processing effects and added vegetation from next-gen consoles. Shadow detail also affects everything from how characters look up to depth-of field effects, water, and grass.

Except for flying, where you will need to use WASD, the numberpad, and the mouse to control the aircraft, the controls translate well enough to the keyboard and mouse. It takes some time to learn how to drive. Although it is easy to adjust the joystick, it can be difficult to do so on the keyboard. You will crash some very nice cars before you can finally get the hang of driving without Los Santos Police.