Dog Friendly Hotels In Toronto- What You Need To Know

Bringing your dog requires good planning in advance and knowledge of dog-friendly hotels. You need to make sure your dog has the appropriate label so you can be invited back. 

There are many hotels and motels that welcome pets. Some charge extra and may ask for a security deposit. Most dog-friendly hotels have great dog care services and websites with all the requirements and details. Make sure you book in advance.

Bring all your medical documents and identification. Microchips and tattoos are safer and provide better data. A copy of your veterinarian's records and a recent color photograph must be included.

Your dog needs to be trained and well-behaved. Do not come to the hotel with pets without a reservation. The hotel you stayed in last year may have changed its policy and no longer accepts pets.

Don't let him sleep on the furniture. Place your dog's bed or blanket on the carpet to minimize separation. A blanket or bed will also make your pet more relaxed and comfortable.

Bring a doll bag and a collection of your favorite dog toys. Bring a bowl of food and water along with your dog's normal food supply. You may not be able to find the same brand at your destination. 

Be careful not to leave food uneaten as this will attract insects into the hotel room. Always leash your dog. Do not let your pets roam freely in the hotel. Clean all the "cocoa" and use the area provided.