Diagnosing and Repairing Your Leaky Basement In Milwaukee

A finished basement is a great asset to any home. Offers additional living space that can be converted into a playroom, study, additional bedroom or home theatre. A finished basement can also significantly increase the resale value of a home.

However, when your basement is a safe haven from excess moisture, it not only reduces the value of your home but also remains a wasted and dangerous space for your family. To turn your wet basement into the basement of your dreams, you must first diagnose and repair a leaky basement. You can also avail the benefits of Leaky Basement Wall Repair Services via americanwi.com.

Read on for secret tips and tricks for determining where and how your basement is leaking. 

Problem #1: Mold

The best way to brighten up a mouldy basement is to remove moisture from the room with an energy-efficient dehumidifier. In summer, with proper air conditioning and sealing, you can also get coolers and dryers in the basement.

Problem #2: Leaking pipe

You notice that the pipes in your basement are showing signs of "sweating"; can even drip water. This condensation is best removed by asking a professional to insulate the pipes. Additionally, if your basement has a hole in the wall to allow pipe or cable access, this hole is often the ideal entrance for water to enter the basement. Such holes can be covered with a special polymer that creates a secure joint and helps block moisture.

Problem #3: Moisture at the wall-floor joint

Most homes with leaky basements have excess moisture buildup where the walls meet the floor. This is called a wall-to-floor connection.