Cold Laser Therapy – A New Treatment for Pain

Light therapy has been around for thousands of years. More recently, the healthcare community is now embracing low-level laser therapy (cold laser therapy) as a valuable tool in the management of a variety of health problems.

Your body is made up of trillions of cells. Each of these cells uses both physical and chemical processes to produce energy, survive and heal. Through thousands of published papers, low level laser therapy is now widely known to promote a variety of functions within the body including cellular healing, pain control, and enhanced wound healing, and vascular improvements.

In the past, light therapy has been medically used for conditions such as vitiligo and jaundice. Presently, low-level light therapy is now being used for the treatment of many other medical problems around the world.

Laser treatment comes in several forms. These forms include the use of 'hot lasers’ and the use of 'cold lasers' for therapeutic treatments that encourage healing. Each of these lasers utilizes light as its source, but the power and the classifications of the lasers are different.

Low-level lasers are being used worldwide for a variety of valuable treatments and therapies. These include pain relief, reduction of inflammation, skin treatment, wound healing, and more. Patients have found that this type of therapy is not only effective but also non-invasive/