Child Custody And Termination Of Parental Rights

In a recent decision in which the court of appeal found that a trial court was able to terminate the parental rights of a father so they could have their children adopted by the stepfather if sufficient evidence was established that, by section 7822 of the Termination of Parental Rights firm that the father had abandoned his children for a year intending to leave them in that year.

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For example, The couple had been married since 1991. The couple was blessed with three children. When Jill was born in the month of March, Jill demanded a divorce within Yolo County alleging that she as well as her children fled the home of their parents to escape the violence and instability of their father. In July, when the Husband did not appear at an upcoming family court hearing, the family court awarded custody of physical and legal children to the Wife.

The court also determined that the Husband had acted in a way to abandon children in the sense family code section 7822 as he took the children out of the care of his wife at the beginning of 2001 for over a year, without any assistance or communication.

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