Benefits Of Automating Your Portable Sanitation Rental Business

Automated rental management software for mobile bathroom and toilet rental companies manages all your customers, contacts, and reservations – in a single suite of applications that integrates your back office finance, accounting, inventory management, and service planning processes.

Portable building rental software is based on the experience and best practices of many rental companies, complemented by proven methodologies for implementing professional services and configurations. You can also visit http:/ to get the best movable toilet rental software.

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Here are some toilet and portable toilet tasks that a service program can help you capture, track, manage, and report on your residential and commercial customers:

Document important details:

Record the delivery date, time, and quantity, type of product (portable toilet, sink, storage tank, toilet trailer), location, date and time of collection, disposal, and disposal of waste.

Powerful tracking:

Track cleaning, shipping, and collection routes, issues with serial numbers, track inventory from multiple locations, issues with serial product tracking. Inexpensive and simple barcode scanner device.

Keep track of your rentals:

Lease versus payback analysis by period. A powerful feature that shows which units to rent but not by the route. Only this screen can save you from terrible calls from customers!

Google mapping:

Appears on the latitude and longitude map if there is no physical address. Exact location map for your next stop. View all stops on customer routes.