All About The Eyes Safety

It is disconcerting to consider that computers may also be a cause of eye problems in this age of technology. Even though the symptoms may not be apparent immediately, they can be seen in those who work all day at a computer. Simple tips can prevent many eye problems.

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1. Anti-UV protection is recommended. CRT-type monitors emit very little radiation within 12 inches. The radiation produced by LCD monitors is much lower than that of conventional monitors. Anti-UV protection can be used to reduce the radiation levels from computer monitors. 

You can get eyeglasses that provide protection against ultraviolet rays. Glass screen protectors that provide UV protection can also be used to reduce radiation from computer monitors.

2. Take some time to rest your eyes. Eye strain can cause eye problems. Computers are used in many jobs and professions. Concentrating on small or single objects constantly requires more effort from your eye muscles. Eye irritation and pain can be caused by prolonged strain. 

If your eyes feel tired or irritated, you can look away from the screen for a few moments. To relax tired eyes, you can close your eyes and blink. To soothe irritation, you can use prescription eye drops or artificial tear to reduce redness.

3. Observe proper ergonomics. Poor posture can also cause eye strain when using the computer. A distance of at most 25 inches should be maintained between your eyes and the monitor. 

Between 15 and 50 degrees, the monitor should be below eye level. The monitor should be tilted so that the top of the screen is not touching the eyes.