All About The Dermal Infusion Process

Dermal Infusion is an innovative three-in-one skin treatment that includes exfoliation, extraction, and serum infusion specifically tailored to your condition to promote healthy skin.

Dermal Infusion is a patented non-invasive therapy that is fully customizable and the ideal remedy for many skin conditions and problems from head to toe. It is safe for all skin types. You can also find treatments like dermalinfusion face near you that you can use for your benefit.

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Accurate on-time delivery


Dermal Infusion reduces the time interval between serum application and exfoliation by using proprietary co-infusion technology.


By enriching the skin's surface with serum during the peeling process, the skin can experience maximum absorption of active ingredients to an optimal depth. This results in an increased ability to absorb and retain serum at greater depths.

What is the process?

Certified technicians use a motorized handpiece to simultaneously exfoliate your skin, removing damaged particles, and then inject the optimized serum directly into the skin during exfoliation.

After just one procedure, skin looks younger, rejuvenated, and radiant. Further sessions as suggested by your technician will:

  • Skin volume by 70%*

  • Reduces the appearance of discoloration

  • Enhances luster, refreshes, and revitalizes

When compared to other types of facelift procedures, dermal fillers can't be beaten in terms of price. It's also fair to say that dermal fillers require no after-care and no healing time. You can even search online for more information on dermal infusions.