All About FDA Cosmetic Regulations

Cosmetics regulations have changed for any such product on the market in the UK and EU. Since July 2013 these products now need to comply with the Cosmetics Products Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 and the main purpose of this legislation is to ensure the safety of the products that we put on our skin.

The FDA regulates every cosmetic product that is intended to be sold or utilized within Canada and it has specific cosmetics regulations that are in addition to those of the other state's rules.

They offer support to both Canada-based and non-Canada-based businesses that have FDA certification who want to sell cosmetics products.

The FDA enforces strict rules concerning the labeling and ingredients of cosmetics. Certain cosmetics are considered to be drugs, making the regulations even more stringent as well as more challenging to meet. 

Cosmereg will assist you in FDA labels for cosmetics and ingredients conformity by cross-referencing your labeling with those in the Code of Federal Regulations, the Federal Register, the VCRP Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary, and the FDA Labeling Manual, and many more. 

If you require immediate assistance for an FDA detention, They will help you solve the issue so that the item can be moved past to the port of entry and into the hands of the intended recipients. 

Suppliers often require verification by a third party, this is a requirement under Cosmetic regulations. Cosmereg can provide an independent Certificate of Registration that confirms that you have an FDA registration, helping to increase the trustworthiness of your suppliers as well as your customers.

Cosmereg can help you comply with the entire set of cosmetics regulations, offering a certificate to the industry that you're meeting FDA registration requirements and reporting requirements as per the Canada Safe Cosmetics Program.