A Guide To Drupal 7 to 8 Migration

Drupal 7 is still used by more than 60% of Drupal users, so organizations need to act fast to plan for their website's upgrade. There's no reason to panic. We have everything you need to make Drupal 9 upgrades as painless and quick as possible.

We have supported Drupal 9 from its inception and continue to contribute to its development. Our entire team contributed to the development of Drupal 9, as well as the upcoming Drupal 10. You can get drupal 7 to 8 moving services according to your need.


Our customers know that their website is the most important tool they have for staying connected to their audiences. We also understand that Drupal 9 and 10 are not going to be built by just one person. 

We allow you to embrace all of the latest enhancements Drupal offers today. We currently support Drupal 7 and 8. Other Drupal hosting platforms remain behind the curve and offer no Drupal 9 support. They also don't give any indication of when it will be available. 

Instead, Drupal 7 users should migrate to Drupal 8. This is clearly a temporary fix, as Drupal 8 won't be available for more than a year. A Drupal migration used to be a complex undertaking. It took months for teams to review their sites and remove any outdated code and content. 

They also had to import new data, upgrade their systems, and port custom themes and modules. We Migrate Accelerate drastically reduces the time, effort, and cost of each stage of the migration process. 

We Migrate Accelerate combines Drupal expertise with automated migration tools to help organizations. Drupal 7 applications can be migrated to Drupal 9 faster, up to 80%.