7 Acupuncture Health Benefits

Would you ever wonder if acupuncture really does work? Studies indicate that acupuncture certainly does work for many disorders but not all. Generally, acupuncture can cure illnesses like angina, depression, headaches, infertility and more. If you would like to understand which ailment acupuncturecould be applied to, read more below.

Angina. It is otherwise referred to as heart or chest pain. Studies indicate that this can be relieved using electro-acupuncture. Electro-acupuncture uses a set of needles that are connected to a battery.

Balance Disorders. Promising research shows that patients with balance disorders caused by whiplash yielded favorable results after having undertaken acupuncture. However, further research has to be carried out as a way to reinforce this claim.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Patients with CTS experience aches and pains in their palms and fingers. This results from repetitive motions and motions such as too much usage of the mouse or keyboard.

Morning Sickness. This is often experienced by pregnant women during the first phase of their pregnancy. Many studies have suggested that acupuncture is an effective way of relieving this common symptom.

Epicondylitis. This is popularly known as Tennis Elbow and is a condition that involves chronic tenderness and soreness of their elbow. Acupuncture can help alleviate this condition especially if it is performed on a regular basis. Several studies have strengthened and proven this claim.

Weight Loss. Acupuncture will help anyone who wants to fight the bulge. Acupuncture provides another alternative to obese individuals’ travel to a healthier and slimmer body since it aims to suppress the desire.

Depression. Patients with melancholy can use acupuncture in treating symptoms associated with this disease. It doesn’t just treat the symptoms but in addition, it works to enhance the benefits of anti-depressive drugs.