5 Ways Print Marketing can Outclass Digital Campaigns

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While digital media has become essential for businesses to gain a presence today, print marketing is still in fashion. It mainly helps you be more personable, simplifies organizational processes, and keeps you clear of the rising online competition. In short, including channels like direct mail into your regular business and marketing campaigns can be useful and beneficial. Here are some factors that justify it.

  • Personal

Connecting with your customers with a tailor-made CTA (call to action) after a personal message establishes an immediate connection. And you can customize all the materials and processes to meet end goals and reap higher ROIs.

  • Timely

You will agree that not all people check through all their digital mailboxes every day. But when it comes to the physical ones, only a few miss incoming mails. In short, the open rate is higher for physical mails than digital ones. So, you can get your message through your target consumer’s mind in a timely fashion.

  • Targeted

The ability to run targeted campaigns is a crucial benefit of digital marketing strategies. However, you might still not know who exactly is going to receive your message. But with print marketing, you can specifically address a particular audience with a unique message.

  • Stands out

Instead of being one in hundreds of businesses floating online, you can make yours stand out with printed marketing collaterals. This approach also helps improve engagement through a direct connection.

  • Measurable

One can’t track the results of a print marketing campaign has become a thing of the past. With personalized URLs, QR codes, and more, you can track every single response. And, adding a coupon or deal can improve the response rate.

Due to these reasons, every business owner should think, “Who’s the best printers near me for marketing prints?”